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The GLOBAL CONSULTING firm has a high degree of specialization in tax advice to individuals and companies, both residents and foreigners, at a national and international level.

Through correct tax advice and planning we achieve great tax savings.

Our experience tells us that on many occasions clients do not know certain tax benefits or alternatives or, knowing them, they do not implement them in the correct way and in accordance with the requirements demanded by the Administration.

Our advice really adds value to the client since we not only prepare and present the returns so that the client is up to date with their tax obligations, but we also provide alternatives and options.


Global Consulting is a professional services group that has lawyers, advisors and auditors that operates in different countries and defends the interests of both national and foreign clients. To do this, we have teams specialized in all matters made up of lawyers and tax advisors of different origins and with recognized international experience.


Lawyers specializing in Inheritances and Successions.

At GLOBAL CONSULTING we have 30 years of experience in advising within the field of succession and inheritance law. We have a team of lawyers specializing in the processing of inheritances and successions.
Before developing the functions in which GLOBAL CONSULTING lawyers can advise you, it is advisable to make a distinction between what is known as inheritance and what is called succession. The first of them refers to the set of assets and obligations that are part of the deceased’s assets. And succession consists of the way in which the law governs the transmission of the aforementioned assets and obligations of the deceased.
In order to be able to apply and advise on succession and inheritance law issues, it is essential to have knowledge of the different laws and regulations that apply, depending on both the place of residence or death of the person, as well as the place where the deceased had assets. In practice, this generates obvious confusion when applying it, if it is not known exactly and applied by an expert.


We offer you a team of lawyers specialized in commercial legal advice and corporate law, so that your company has the best support in legal matters. All this with the endorsement of a law firm with a national presence and local actions.

We also have extensive experience in advising and supporting companies in their creation activities, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring; and any other area of ​​commercial and tax law in which your company needs specific or constant legal support.

For this reason, the commercial lawyer at GLOBAL CONSULTING advises and represents companies in legal matters related to commercial and commercial law. Our goal is to protect the interests of companies and promote their growth and success in the business field.


We know that one of the main aspects to consider in international mobility is the tax and social security regime.

Our advice really adds value to the client since we not only prepare and present the returns so that the client is up to date with their tax obligations, but we anticipate and plan the expatriate’s tax obligations during and after the move.

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